Fluid Movement
Splashdance, 2017
performance art
duration: 6 min

Fluid Movement is a Baltimore-based performance art group that juxtaposes complex subject matter with delightful and unexpected mediums. They create art that is accessible, and often educational, for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Their performances are created for urban spaces, in Baltimore and beyond. They encourage a sincere understanding and appreciation for city life and city dwellers through their work.

The dance troupe has produced public performance art in Baltimore since 1999, and are especially known for their annual water ballet performances in Baltimore’s public pools. They have rehearsed on land at Pool No.2 for several years, utilizing the lawn layout to plan their choreographies and transitions. Bringing collaborative performance art to public spaces transforms them into islands of idealized worlds we inhabit— if only for a brief moment. Dancers of varying skills engage in a practiced physical vocabulary that lends itself to improvisation.  Splashdance centers on the sense of hope and wonderment that comes from successful collaborations.  When the moment passes, and the performance is over, they leave behind lots of glitter and the memory of a magical instance where anything is possible.