Photo: Norman Jones

Photo: Norman Jones

Edward-Victor Sanchez
Temporarily Out of Order, 2017
wood, acrylic and enamel paint, screws, wire and nails
dimensions: variable

Edward-Victor Sanchez is a multidisciplinary artist who views the use of recycled materials and previous artwork in his practice as an analogue to the recycled rhetoric and actions of politicians. Sanchez received a BFA in painting from the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico. He is a MFA Candidate in the Mt Royal School of Art of the Maryland Institute College of Art and will receive his degree in May 2017. 

Temporarily Out of Order is part of a larger body of work about civil endeavors to transcend physical and psychological barriers built into America’s long institutional history of whitewashing the harshness of sociopolitical realities.

“There was period in which non-sense and chaos openly led…
Time went by, 

and intolerance and oppression were somehow, someway,

Buried in soft sands, our differences lay, 

Waiting for the time, 
in which swift hands and quick lies, 
gave people the courage to unleash them… 

For the time being, again, 
chaos openly leads… 

and walls are placed, where walls were placed before…
blocking the pathways of things that belong, 
to the world-to people, 
to every single one of us.”

But despair not my friend, 
for what once was defeated, 
will be defeated again.

Walls won’t stop the heart of the brave, 
and those walls can’t hold the spirit of someone

As we did, we will again, 
and around them we’ll walk into
a world that belongs to me and you, 
to us and to them,
not divided, not restricted,
in which finally, 
we’re all the same…”